Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Interview with Model: Chelsea Omotosho

Hey Bloggers,
 Last week I had the opportunity to interview one of Ireland's model Chelsea Omotosho. 
 Over lunch and coffee, Chelsea expressed her passion for fashion and modelling.
 It was an honor to shoot a streets style shot of Chelsea after our interview which showed her casual look during a cold winter day.

Q: Whos your favorite designer at the moment?

Um, I'd probably say Chanel, its very pretty and very simple.
 I feel Chanel would describe me the best.

Q: What does your closet look like at the moment?

Well, my closet is really tom-boyish at the moment and sometimes it's feminine.
 It's field up with a lot of jumpers, coats and leather jackets. 

Q: Being a model do you feel pressure to be thinner? 

Yes definitely, like I'd say there's a lot of pressure to be thin as a model.
 I'm very slim now, when I go to photo shoots and fashion shows, there always asking me, in a funny way but they do mean it! " why don't you loose a tiny bit more weight because it'll be more easier for you to fit in the clothes".
I mean models have to be cautious in general because in casting calls I've been to, they don't say you need to loose weight but instead they approach you calmly like their having a conversation with you and than they basically brain wash you by saying !"Oh eat some salad or your body is so perfect, I wish i could be that thin".
 I think it's a bit sad that they encourage that type of thinnest in models. " It's crazy, I mean there's definitely a lot of pressure to be thin. 
It's really annoying because me in general I don't like being told what to eat because I like eating a lot of food, I mean proper African food hehehe!! "

Q: What do you like to wear when your home relaxing? 

Well because of the winter, I usually just like wearing wonzies  but summer I just wear a long baggy shirt and shorts. 
If I'm really tired and I get back from somewhere, I just jump in my bed with my shoes and everything and just sleep. 
I wake up in the morning and I'm like WHAAAT! What happened last night !!!

Q: Do you ever fall under pressure to wear the latest trends or coolest clothes?

Honestly, I don't feel the pressure, I mean If I like it than I will get it maybe two months later when it's all died down but if I see it there I don't feel I have to get it straight away just
 so I'm up to date with whatever trends going on. 

Q: Do you ever fall under pressure to wear what stars like Rihanna are wearing in magazines? 

NO! I definitely don't.. I would look at it and admire it. See it's clear stars have so much money that they can spend.. I don't have the money to waist..
  If I was to get it, I would try to make it in my own unique style instead of following exactly what Beyonce's wearing in the magazine. 
Also if you like the trend, you can get it after it's all died out, so probably start wearing it two months later when everyone's moved on. that's one of my secrets..

Q: Where do you shop at the moment?

Well, to make sure I don't look like everyone by wearing the same clothes,
 I look to shop in a unique mind.  
I shop at River Island, Awear, Pull & Bear, Forever 21 or even Penny's there clothes are cool.

Want to keep up to date with chelsea? 
Follow her Instagram @ chelseaomotosho


Jacket: Pull & Bear
Boots- Penny's

Hat- H&M

Jeans- Pull & Bear


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