23 Mar 2014


Jeans-Pull & Bear// Shirt- Pennys  // Shoes- Zara

One of my latest outfit on Instagram which got so much likes, So thought I'd share it here! Lately I haven't really been inspired but that day I was like Yeah look fashionable Marlene! ha! 
I am so tired after a really long day! So I have decided to relax,have a cuppa tea with a friend visiting, you know the jazz on a Sunday evening. Pretty Little Liars basicaly gone on a little break so I am trying to find something else to watch during my free time apart spending all my time on tumblr (obsessed).

P.S I apologize for the lack of post, but bare with me...

Have a fab Sunday

22 Mar 2014

Should I Start A Youtube Channel....?

Heyy Guys :) Hope your all well ( *,*)

So lately, I have been getting lots of question on here, Tumblr.. like, Where's my Youtube link and Why don't I have a Youtube channel? I am totally in shock because personally for me I don't see myself on YouTube, though you all know I love taking pictures. To be honest, I was so scared to even start my own Blog. The thoughts of me actually being live, talking to all my followers is like WOW  big step for me! 
For people that know me, They would say, I am so bubbly, chatty and never shut up and though at times I feel like you guys haven't really seen that side of me. I have gotten so many questions regarding to this, I wonder, if I was to start one, what exactly would it be all about... In reality I'm not much of a make-up person haha! I would just embarrass myself.. 

I still haven't decide on what I am going to do,,, But would love hear what you think... Should I?



14 Mar 2014

New hair style.... What you think?

Heyyyyyyyy Beautiful People !! 

Wow it's been long since I have been blogging...  Life as a final year student is getting harder ... In a month i'll be finished ! I cannot wait! but until than I HAVE NO LIFE! hehe! I've missed blogging, so decided to show you my new hair style, What you think? Does the Fringe suit me? I have friends passing me because they don't recognize me at all ! hehe crazy right, you just cover half your face and you become another person,, I have been called Kelly Rowland like so many times, ehh do you think? 

P.S I do update LOTS on my instagram @ MarleneSilver do give us  follow :)


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