30 May 2016


Shoes from Miss Selfridges// Jeans from Primark// Top from Next// Blazer from H&M// Bag from Prada

Hey, Babes!
Here're more pictures from the Smart Blue look. We took so many pictures and I just wanted to share all of them with you.
I hope everyone's having a fab Bank holiday Monday. The weather's a bit weird today so decided to stay in today, do some blogging work and catch up on Game of Thrones. Time to edit outfit picture from last month, I'll post later today, Hugs! :)

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28 May 2016


Shoes from Miss Selfridges// Jeans from Primark// Top from Next// Blazer from H&M// Bag from Prada

Hey Babes!
 A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I found a new photographer for taking outfits in London. Back in April we decided to take Spring outfits. This look was inspired by my sister Sandrine who I watched during a young age as she expressed love for fashion and put looks together.
While I style this look, I thought of that spring sunny day going for lunch or dinner with the girls. I wanted to look casual, simple but at the same time look stylish. The choice of colour work well with spring and the sandal heels, are the reason it's classy and stylish right? haha! My amazing Prada bag which I only got, was gifted to me by my sister Sandrine and I decided it will go well with this look.

I have more pictures which I just want to share with you. My photographer Aleksandra done an amazing job and I was so happy and jumping around the house when I received the final shots.  I will be posting the rest on my next blog post. But for now thanks for reading.

Time for junk food, watching the 100 with friends :) Have a fab Saturday x

P.S Don't forget to follow Aleksandra photography site here for bookings and if you have any enquires you can message her on Instagram here.

24 May 2016


Top from Primark// Jeans from Primark
Hey Babes! 

Happy Tuesday! I'm so tired today, work was so long and tiring but I'm so happy I went to the gym for a yoga class. I think the Yoga made me relax so now I'm getting read for chill time. Thought I'd share this simple Primark look. With the sun coming out, the flower patterns are back in trend. 
I  cannot wait for the weekend already ha! I need to get my hair done but I don't know what to do. .I was thinking curly, short ahh! 

Anyways, I better go make pizza and chill, Have a good Tuesday xo

21 May 2016

BBC Food Show Goodie Bag: Blogger Programme

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Happy Saturday dolls! Hope you all are having a great day! I was out last night with work college so relaxing today. Tomorrow I'm going to the BBC Food Show at London Excel and I'm so excited! I was lucky to receive a goodie back with different things with the help of the Blogger Programme. 

I received different brands such as  two Scheckter Energy drinks (Lite and Olive) which taste so good and have given me lots of energy and left me feeling fresh. The Teapigs tea came in a sachet and normal tea which has become my morning tea. I was so happy when I received the Jelly Belly because I tend to munch on jellies when I'm watching TV or working so now I don't need to buy jellies for month ha! Lastly, my favorite has to be the Graze snacks which I'm shocked with the amount of boxes I received. With a busy week I sometimes don't have time to keep to my healthy eating or eating the proteins needed so having this will help me. 

I'm excited  to try these products  and to attend the BBC Food show event tomorrow. Keep an eye on my Instagram here tomorrow as I will be posting pictures through out the day. 

Have a nice day! x


16 May 2016


Hi babes!
Monday again, I woke up this morning wondering where the weekend went.. it felt like yesterday was Friday. I woke up positive this morning, that might be because last night my friend and I decided to go see Florence & the machine at Hyde Park this summer. I always wanted to go to a festival in London. I found myself browsing to festival outfits in Miss-guided.. The lace, maxi dress festive jewelry and hat is on my mind! Miss-guided has so many inspiration ideas, but what to buy oh my! If you need any ideas check out Miss-guided here.

Now it's time to turn off the laptop, make a cuppa tea and watch Made in Chelsea.
x Hugs!

15 May 2016


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Good morning!

It's Sunday! the only day I get to be lazy and eat crap food. But since I decided to change my lifestyle I decided to try Cute Nutrition this month. I started this morning with a strawberry shake as I replied to blog emails and watched Grey's Anatomy in bed. I'm only on my first week of taking these shakes so I will do a review in a month. I never takes replacement shakes but I was recommended by a friend to take shakes and work out at the same time so decided to give it a try this month and see if I see a positive result.

My weekend so far has been good. Yesterday my sister visited me from Ireland so we went to the London Eye and Sea Life Aquarium and after that I went to see Jungle Book with friends in the evening. Have to say, it's by far the best movie I've watched this year so far.

Going to relax more, catching up on The Originals, Vampire Diaries and Scandal but I might meet my friends for a game of basketball, chill by the sum as today the weather is amazing. Then late in the evening meeting an old friend for food and cocktails :)

Have a fab Sunday* x


11 May 2016


What a stressful day, I worked from  7 till 8 and I''m so tired and now I'm relaxing with a cup of tea watching Made in Chelsea and stroll through instagram feed. I find I spend more time on instagram posting then on my blog. I think that might be because it's quick and easy. To keep up with my daily with fitness tips, food ideas and fashion inspiration follow my instagram @ marlenesilver or click this link here.

Now back to instagram, Good night! x

10 May 2016


Anything I find myself lost, confused or in need for inpsiration tumblr is where I go. For more fashion, beauty and healthy ideas check out my tumblr here or my instagram @marlenesilver here

9 May 2016


Jeans from Missguided// Sandal from Miss Selfridges// blazer from Miss Selfrifges// Bag from Louis Vouiton// shirt from Primark.
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Good morning ladies!
Happy Monday, hope everyone had a fab weekend? I was bit sick so I made sure I got enough rest for a busy week ahead. Since my shoot on Saturday I've been motivated to try outfits so, I put this look together. I love putting casual and classy looks together and see how it turns out. My Missguided high-wasted jeans has become my favourite jean and it's in trend this summer.

Every Month I try to give myself a new goal like joining the gym last month. This month I'm going to post at least 2 times a week. I'm attending events and have reviews to make so I cannot wait to share them with you all.
Have a great Monday



7 May 2016


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Hey babes!
Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend! It's been almost a month since I blogged but I promise to keep posting. I decided to share with you my latest style inspiration, nude were in trend this year, from dress to stop to shoes. I'm in love by how classy it looks.

A little update, this morning I  met with my new photographer and shot some spring looks in central London. We were so lucky as it was 22 degrees so the photo's came out great, I shall have the looks up soon.

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