17 Jan 2016


Harrods decorated with Jubilee flags. Our tips for things to do in London.: I cannot wait to attend all the events that happen in London such as festivals.Oh London...missing u these days.: 'A moment when anything can happen, anything be believed in' London photography © Ronya Galka:
While I'm in London I plan to really go site seeing to favorite tourist places. Famous Tower Bridge, London, UK | Amazing Photography Of Cities and Famous Landmarks From Around The World:

14 healthy cafes in London that you need to know - if you like that kind of thing...:
I'm looking forward to go foo hunting around London. I have been told London has beautiful cafes and restaurants. I hope this will help me grow to love different type of food such as vegetables, Indian and different cultures.
If All Else Fails, Bunting! Rental home decor | for more ideas, click the picture or visit www.thedebrief.co.uk: I
During my research so far it has come to my knowledge that living in London is really expensive but that all depends on someone's patient and budget. So far I have few viewings when I arrive so I hope to find something nice and simple.
Incredible sunset views over London. This is where to get the BEST sunset views in London!:
A lot of people are often put off London because it's really busy but I like busy cities for some reason.

10 Jan 2016


Happy New years everyone !
  Sunday, WOW I love Sundays. That's mainly because I feel like I'm allowed to be lazy right? ha!"
I went to church early this morning and now I sit watching a new show called Colony with a cuppa tea.
I'm going to work on a post about my New Years Resolution which I cannot wait to share with you all.

Later, I'm off to the Gym for  Sunday spinning class and make dinner for a change.
Hope you all have a fab Sunday x
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