4 Jul 2016


Hey dolls!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the British Summer Time festival with my friend Mariana. We were so excited to see Kendrick Lamar and Florence and the Machine. I have to say I was never a fan of Kendrick until I heard him live. We were jumping up and down with the crowd and acting like gangsters ha!

I wore a once piece outfit from Azelle Collection which I found on Instagrm last month and I knew it would work well. Check their site out here.

Going to get back to planning my gym workout routine for this month.
x Hugs

29 Jun 2016


Last week I decided to make this blog more personal and sharing my thoughts weekly so today I'm focusing on happiness I hope you like it and able to relate to it.

If were not happy does that mean there's something wrong with us or with our life? Life is filled with different type of happiness and sometimes you will receive it and some days you won't and that won't be because your not happy but purely because we need to experience sadness in our life.
I remember when I was young everything was nice and simple but as we get older we come across things that test how we allow happiness in.
This morning before I got out of bed it came to my attention that I never take time to appreciate my life and how it's filled with happiness although I can't see it. But I feel like sometimes I take the little things for granted.

I understand sometimes we need to be sad and reflect on some things. A year ago I realized I was not happy and I wonder night after night why that was until one day It came to my attention that I spent most of my time watching other people let happiness come into their life. So, I moved to London 6 months ago and since then I have been filled with some happiness, challenges and learning.



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21 Jun 2016


Hey, babes!
I hope everyone's fine. I've been busy this evening trying to find an outfit for my first festival in London next weekend. I'm attending the Hyde Park Festival featuring Florence and the Machine, Kendrick Lamar and Jamie xx. I can't wait, so excited! As it's my first festival here I've decided to go all out with the outfit, I still don't know what to get but I found myself  scrolling on the festival section in Missguided for an hour.Wow, so much I don't know what to choose. If you're going to a festival this summer look Missguided festival section here.

Now time to relax for the evening and catch up on Made in Chelsea.


19 Jun 2016


Hey, babes!
Last weekend I went to Linate, Milan to visit one of my close friend Maria that's from Brazil. When I found out she moved to Milan for the year I took the opportunity to visit her. It was a relaxed holiday that included site seeing, catching up, eating Italian food and a bit of shopping. I fell in love with Milan, especially the architecture and atmosphere. I 've decided to go back again hopefully in November. Above are a couple of pictures I took, I will have a separate post for the outfits. Enjoy x

18 Jun 2016


Shoes from Miss Selfridges// Jeans from Primark// Top from Next// Blazer from H&M// Bag from Prada

Hey, Babes!
Hope everyone's having a good morning. I've been busy for the past two weeks with my sister over and a holiday to Milan last week. I'm going to share Milan pictures later on. I'm having a chilled weekend by going shopping, gym and catching up on Game of Thrones.

P.S Don't forget to follow Aleksandra photography site here for bookings and if you have any enquires you can message her on Instagram here.


1 Jun 2016


Jumpsuit from Boho// Sandal heels from Primark // Bag from New Look

Hey Gals!

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday! I've been working over time this week, waking up 5am so I'm so tired :(. But I couldn't wait to share my first jumpsuit from Bohoo. I never shop in Boho but I was amazed by this and the middle details.

I woke up this morning so happy, Finally it's June! Although London weathers a bit cold and wet I can't wait for my first summer holiday. I'm going to Milan next weekend to visit my friend Maria which I haven't seen in two years and were both excited!

I've been complaining I'm tired so going to relax and catch up on Mistresses.  Follow my Instagram here.

30 May 2016


Shoes from Miss Selfridges// Jeans from Primark// Top from Next// Blazer from H&M// Bag from Prada

Hey, Babes!
Here're more pictures from the Smart Blue look. We took so many pictures and I just wanted to share all of them with you.
I hope everyone's having a fab Bank holiday Monday. The weather's a bit weird today so decided to stay in today, do some blogging work and catch up on Game of Thrones. Time to edit outfit picture from last month, I'll post later today, Hugs! :)

P.S Don't forget to follow Aleksandra photography site here for bookings and if you have any enquires you can message her on Instagram here.
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