28 Jan 2015

Black & Bold| Beauty

Morning, thought I'd show you a sneak peak to my latest beauty shoot with a good friend of mine. For this shoot, she was going for a more simple but bold look.I never really wear black lipstick but I love how it makes my lips look big ha! I don't have any foundation on just concelar and powder... I know skin is so toned :) If you want my skin care routine comment below and I shall do one:) so what you think of the make-up? I will post the shoot here soon :)

Off to work, have a great day xo

18 Jan 2015

Tumblr Inspiration

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I found myself today on tumblr for the first time in ages, just trying to get some inspiration for my new style and healthy eating routine. My new years resolution was ensuring I went to the gym to keep myself fit but this also included eating more fruits and water. In regards to styling I've decided to brighten u my wardrobe a bit with some white as were approaching to spring and summer soon. I really can't wait for summer as I'm planning on going to Australia for the first time !!! I'm really excited! I'll talk about it more in another post.

11 Jan 2015


Dress from Missguided// Sandal heels from Zara// Bag from New Look// Jewellery from Topshop 

Hey :) so I couldn't wait to show you guys my new Missguided dress by Nicole S, I have become obessed with blue lately.. I think it just works really well with my skin tone. I fell in love with the back when I saw it.  What you guys think of the dress?

Nooo! The weekend is over, went so fast! This weekend was full of training and catching up with friends. Although, I did plan on going to the gym this weekend but it's happening tomorrow! LET'S DO THIS!! haha!

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