10 May 2015


I thought it would be interesting to share with you my latest make up looks from my make-up course. We learned the basics such as applying foundation, contouring, highlighting and bridal looks. After each demo we got the opportunity to try on each other. The first picture was a simple foundation routine which aimed on finding the right foundation colour for her.

 Here's a Bridal look I done with a more cool colours and a bit of contouring, the flash doesn't really do much justice but I was proud of myself with it ! Go me ha!
After the second week I became obessed with smoky eyes and contouring.I find myself lately that I'm inspired by Kim K's make-ups looks, especially her wedding look. It's still rich but at the same time really simple. 

Now that I'm learning a lot, I find myself messing around doing some simple, smooky eyes or bridal looks during my spare time.. I think soon I will be sharing with you my daily make-up look, how to apply individual eye lashes and so on. What you think?Would that be fun? xo


4 May 2015

Make-up Course- Update

Hey guys! I was so eager to share my big news back last month but I thought it be better to wait another week. So, for some of use that don't know, Last week I started my first ever make-up course with LA College of Creative of Arts. I was so shy and nervous about going in last week but after Thursday and learning about Foundation and Contouring I was eager to learn more. The course is called Introduction to Makeup which runs for 5 weeks but can be extended to another 4 weeks for Bridal Make-up. So far I haven't decided yet, I'll see how I get on. Last week's homework was to practice foundation and contouring on a friend or family. I just tried it on my room mate which I feel it worked well ha! But she had no powder her own skin tone so I had to use my own which darkened her a bit but other than that think the contour went well.. Well I'll see what my teacher says tomorrow ahha! I was going for a more natural look, What you think? Any tips on products to use for contouring?

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