30 May 2019


Hey beautiful people,

I decided to do the Hongkong post and Macau seperate because I didn't want it to confuse anyone. But yeh, I was able to take a Full day tour to Macau from HK central. The tour was so interesting and it focused on the whole area of Macau. This city was so beautiful and I fell in love with the architecture which was inspired by the dutch.

We got the opportunity to visit temples, the casino and lots of shopping. :) I have included my youtube video on this holiday, check it out  xoxo


Hongkong :)

I'm so so slow with blogging these days because I've been crazy busy with work and I got back to fitness finally. But here is a quick post about my Hongkong weekend last month.

Basically I decided to go away for the labour holiday. I only had few days so I decided instead of just seeing HK, I could also check out Macau.
 I took a tour around HK which went through the Victoria peak, Aberdeen fishing and the Stanley market. My favourite was Stanley market and the Victoria peak. 

I fell in love with this city, literally it felt like being back in New York. I was amazed by how everyone literally spoke English which made the holiday much easier. I feel like I will do frequent vacation to HK. Below is a video I took while I was exploring HK. Hope you like it xo


21 Apr 2019

Beijng shoot... Natural is beauty..

George's Instagram - :)

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Film and Photographer George. We wondered around the Place in Beijing and took nartural pictures. I'm so happy with the result and couldn't wait to share it with you all :)

Don't forget to check George out if you want any film or photography shoots :) His amazing ! George's Instagram

Part two of this shoot will be up next week, and it's more different to my usual fashion shoots x :)
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