15 Feb 2014

Fashion/My Life

Heyyyy Guys!!!!
    I would like to apologize for the lack of post.. It's been hard with final year! But there will be time like this where I just feel like I need me time, which is blogging :). I love expanding my imagination when I style clothes in the morning but it's no fun when I can't share it with my lovely followers, So here's my latest outfits! Though, I haven't went shopping for couple of months now, but I decided a needed a retail therapy with all that's going on! 

It's sad to say I had to stay away from the gym for a week or so because I injured my lower back and the medications weren't working but I feel much better so excited to start back at the gym this week. But I was told to take it easy, so I'm thinking classes like Yoga or a bit of muscle work!

Mwah<3 Time to get ready for catch up with my doll!


2 Feb 2014


Everything Coco Chanel gives Black is everything a go!

It caught my attention the other day that celebs love wearing all black but why that's the question.. Black at time can make an outfit look, simple, edgy and smart. At time I used to think people only wore black at funerals or to express how their feeling. That defo changed as I got obsessed with fashion. Are you an all black person? I'd like to know:)

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1 Feb 2014

"Oh Baby It's Cold Outside"

Hey!! Happy New month :)
" February be good to me, February be good to me" That's what I kept repeating to myself.. Where did January go, one minute it was new year, now it's February!  A way to start a new month, I decided to share with you my winter inspiration, all about big coats and fur. I get more of my inspiration from Tumblr- marlenesilver.tumblr.com If you have a tumblr, do let me know, I love following and checking people's blog. Which one's your favorite?

It's the weekend yeahhh!!!  Time to relax, read, chill with friends and of course still do a bit of work, boooo final year student ain't fun! ha! Guess it will be worth it in the end!

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