Sunday, 21 April 2019

Beijng shoot... Natural is beauty..

George's Instagram - :)

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Film and Photographer George. We wondered around the Place in Beijing and took nartural pictures. I'm so happy with the result and couldn't wait to share it with you all :)

Don't forget to check George out if you want any film or photography shoots :) His amazing ! George's Instagram

Part two of this shoot will be up next week, and it's more different to my usual fashion shoots x :)

Monday, 15 April 2019

Shanghai 2

We got lost in the city of Shanghai and found amazing streets and vintage streets. It was like a little maze but  more exciting and fun.I have to say it was full of people so it got a bit tiring but as soon as I got some chinese milk tea I was happy :)
Joanna and I were so happy to explore different allys although it made us a bit scared but that's the whole idea of being adventures.  The afternoon was more interesting for us because we had the opportunity to attend a Roof top party at the Seul&Seul restaurent for their one year opening. Here we met lot of people from Italy and the states. It's always fun to meet knew people, think that's one of the reasons why I enjoy travelling.

After the lovely party we decided to get some food back at our favourite spot Brut Eatery and hit the bed after we visited the Bund. 
 Although, it was a short vacation, it was totally needed and I enjoyed it so much. I decided to make a video too because I believe videos share more experiences then photos. It's my first time videoing since I moved to China so please let me know what you think. :) Enjoy xx

Friday, 12 April 2019

Shanghai part 1...

Hey Lovelies, Hope your having a wonderful Friday, I'm having a chill Friday so decided to share my time in Shanghai last weekend with you. It was a last minute holiday that my friend and I couldn't wait for a little getaway from Beijing.  Shanghai is so different from Beijing, it's more western, cultural and lots of things to do. Unfortunately, we only had a day and a half so we tried our best to fit everything in. 

 We took the night train on Friday and arrived in Shanghai at 7.30 am. We stayed at the 
Tuke China Hotel . It was a last minute booking so we didn't know much about the hotel but we loved that it was so close to central. We were about 10 minutes drive from Tai Kang road which is the french district. When we arrived I fell in love with the interior design and style. 

We started off our day with breakfast at the Brut Eatery which is really famous and known in Shanghai. After a long night train I just wanted to have a good meal. 

Our first adventure started in Tai Kang road, where we decided to get lost and explore the beautiful french inspiraton. We found ourselves amazed by a chinese man drawing portriaits of a little boy so we decided why not! I've always wanted to get a  portrait but I was either too shy or had no time. I was shocked by how a 3 year old sat down for so long so I thought, if he can do it then I'm sure I can do it!

The weather was so beautiful, with a high of 24 degrees which made me regret wearing trousers instead of a summery dress ! haha!

We spent most of the morning, exploring the streets of Shanghai.. Next post will be up soon x


Sunday, 31 March 2019

London- February 2019

 It's never to late, Last month I went back to Europe to see friends and family. I was so happy to be back in London and exploring the busy city. I surprised some of my friends, where we catched up over coffee, drinks and dinner. A little holiday was exactly what I needed as I was getting home sick. It's weird, as I explored London, it took me back to 2016 when I first arrived in London with mixed feelings. I don't know if I'll return to this amazing city yet but it's nice to visit now and then. Below are some pictures I took during my time in Beijing with lovely and amazing people I come friends. 

Happy Sunday, Time to catch up on tv shows such as DYNASTY.. :)


Saturday, 23 March 2019


Hey Beautiful People,

WOW! It's been like for ever since I blogged.. ever have that time where life just passes you by and one day you realise and your like WOW !
Since my last post, I couldn't get my domain name active but now I have it back I'm so excited to share what I have been getting up to.

Well, let's start off by saying " I'm living in CHINA! I know, I'm still shocked every day but I'm greatful and happy. Back in August 2018 I was offered the opportunity to move to China for two years for work. I was nervous at first but knew it was something I've always wanted to do..which is travel the world and work. Obviously, there's lots to say about my time in China but I've decided to start a Youtube channel where I focus on my living in China and travel vlogs. I'm really nervous about joining the Youtube world but I believe recording my travel experiences in a video would be more benefecial for me.

Well, that's it for now, I have few outfit and china post coming up, and excited to share it with you all. But if you can't wait for that, do check my Insta @marlenesilver where I post daily.

Thanks for reading and have a fab Sunday x


Sunday, 25 March 2018

T. H. BAKER - Rosa Lea

Can find the this here

Happy Sunday Everyone!
Its been a white but I'm happy to share this amazing jewellery piece from T.H Baker. I fell in love with the details, tree and of course rose gold. I cannot wait to wear it with a dress or a casual look!

T. H. Baker is a family-owned brand with lots of stores around the UK, You can find more of their jewellers here and @thebakerjeweller on Instagram.

Hope you have a fab Sunday ! x


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