28 Oct 2015


Good Morning babes, 
I decided to do different post. For the past year I have been trying to find a skin care product that works with my skin type. Here are some the products reviews on what I tried that worked and did not work for me.

1.Simple Facial Toner// 2.St. Ives Daily Scrub// 3.Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water// 4.Simple Cleansing Lotion// 5. Tea Tree Face Mask.

The products that didn't work for me.

4. Simple Cleansing Lotion. 
I have a oil combination skin type that needs keeping skin tone. I don't think  this product really worked on my skin. It left my skin feeling really dry that I had to keep put it on. In stead of keeping toned it made it un even and it made me darker. I felt like I was getting a break out with this lotion. I would give it a 1 out of 10.

The products that worked for me.

1. Simple Facial Toner.
I used the Simple Facial Toner morning and night with a cotton wool after washing my face with the St.Ives daily Scrub. It left my skin feeling fresh and after a week I could see my skin toning up. When I was in Congo for holidays I noticed it worked better there for a reason.I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to tone your face whether you have dry or oily skin.I would give this product 10 out of 10.

2. St. Ives Daily Scrub.
I have to say this is my favorite product. I have never had to be so excited to wake up in the morning just to wash my face with a product. I suffered from breakouts and small spots lately due to bad eating habits and stress from work. I believe this product has refreshed my face and giving it a lift.I used this product morning and night wiith cool water. From the first day of using it my skin felt soft and fresh.I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is found in any pharmacy and beauty shop.

3. Tea Tree Face Mask
I use the Tea tree once a week just to relieve any stress my skin has picked up during the week. I enjoy using this because I feel young after I wash it off. It leaves my skin feeling different and takes away dark circles and makes my skin soft. I feel like I just came out from a spa. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable product. I would give this a 9 out of 10.

I know as ladies it's hard to find products that work in ones skin. I honestly love finding skin that work for me so that when I don't wear makeup my skin looks fresh. I have found although I use these products drinking lots of water daily has helped my skin stay fresh.
I really hoped you guys enjoyed this type of post. I wanted to do something different. After all this is meant to be Personal blog.
If you have any questions do ask.
xHave a fab Wednesday


27 Oct 2015


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I'm starting a fitness goal for November. Tumblr has me thinking about keeping fit so I think I'll try it out. I love how Kylie Jenner keeps healthy and toned up. 
I got off work early today and I'm feeling a bit down, don't know why because I had a fab weekend. I think getting back to the gym will help me release all the stress I have been having.
Okay I'm going to turn off the laptop and started a new show on netflix and just RELAX, Any suggestions?

26 Oct 2015


Jeans from Missguided// White crop top from Missguided// Sandals from Bershka// Blouse from Pull&Bear

Happy Bank Holiday babes,
I hope everyone had a fab weekend.
Here in Ireland the weekend is still going on. Although I am still sick I am enjoying myself.
I am celebrating tonight by going to the cinema with friends and catch up.

I took this outfit back in September when I came back from Congo with my new hair cut. Wow I miss the bob now. I looked so young. I just had a huge Missguided delivery and I was excited to wear it out. My legs were so toned their from the gym. I need to go back to the gym. I'm thinking maybe of doing a November fitness routine.,

Back to watching Once Upon a time before I get ready.
Have a fab day xo

24 Oct 2015


Good afternoon Babes,

I woke up today really sick with a sore throat and sore head! I need start excising more and drinking lots of water. I think my body's giving me lot's of hints. It's Saturday finally, I was looking forward to the weekend after having no time to relax last weekend.
I was thinking of showing you a hair style here soon maybe have it up tomorrow. 
I am never really into Adele but after her new single ''Hello'' went live yesterday I have been in love with it ;) It's like my morning motivation song haha! Have a listen, trust me you love it.




20 Oct 2015


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I get a lot of my inspiration from Tumblr. I think that's how I started loving fashion. I am so tired today, Sitting here trying to get up and make myself a cup of tea but my body just can't handle. I need to get back to the gym, where I had so much energy. It shall start next week. I want to start a new show, let me have chocolate and tea and see what's new on Netflix. 
Nights dolls
xo Marlene

19 Oct 2015


Jackets from Vintage shop// Leather skirt from Missguided// Shirt from Zara//  Boots from Penny's
Runners from Penny's// High waist jeans from Missguided// top from Penny's// Jacket from Tommy Hilfiger// Bag from New Look

 Shoes from Penny's// Leather skirt from Missguided// Shirt from Pull & Bear// Fur from Topshop

Jeans from Pull & Bear// Shoes from Penny's// Fur from Topshop// Blouse from Penny's

Snapchat- Marlenesilver

Good Evening babes,

Happy Monday or should I say Oh No.. It's Monday!!. My weekend went so fast with training and birthday celebrations. Sunday was the only day I got to relax and catch up on shows such as Scandal and Grey's Anatomy. Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on Instagram. 

For those that don't know I have a Snap chat account. I never really saw the reason behind it until I started snapping weekend outfits and got amazing feed backs. So, I decided to share with you my latest outfits on my snap chat on my way for lunch, shopping or night out with friends. I have to say now I love snap chat haha! 

I had one of those Monday blues where I woke up at 6am so cold and when it was time to get up my body was just not having it.. Any one experience that every Monday? Now I'm relaxing watching Reign, It's not my cuppa tea but It's good so far. I can't wait for the return on Made and Chelsea. 

I have decided to have three post a week, it will be hard but I will try my best. I guess If I plan it all it shouldn't be that hard. So if there is anything you would want to see more on this, Please don't hesitate to comment below and let me know. 

Have a fab evening x


12 Oct 2015


Shirt from Vintage shop// Leather skirt from Missguided// Bag from Newlook// Shoes from Newlook

Hello Lovelies,
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I made sure I  relaxed this weekend. It's Monday, I usually never like Mondays but this Monday is different because two days till my Birthday!! Wow It's my Birthday again. Last year I went to  Belguim and the year before that was Paris with a friend. This year I've decided to stay in Ireland and treat myself to a nice weekend. I have a busy week ahead of me, I mean every day I'm doing something with different people and Sunday its a treat to myself which I will share more later during the week.

The outfit above is a look I shot with my amazing photographer Alanl two weeks ago. When I styled this look I thought of Naomi Campbell. I never wear leather but when I saw this on Missuided I fell in love. We all need a leather skirt in our wardrobe for the winter season. It can be styled with a nice top, jumper and knee high boats depending on the weather. I usually post all my outfit of the day post on my snap chat. If you donl't follow me,, do its @marlenesilver. I might do a post on it..
I am taking it easy, having a cup of tea watching Once Upon a Time. Have a fab night.

Night x

4 Oct 2015


Ripped jeans from Missguided// Blouse from Penny's// Shoes from Penny's// Bag from Newlook// Cardigan from River Island.
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Good Afternoon babes, 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Last week I mentioned I found an amazing photographer to help me shoot outfits for my blog thanks to my amazing friend Maggie. I was so excited, It was like I was going to an event and the more we shot the more I wanted to show you guys! 

I love this outfit, I could not believe I put it together. With the weather changing I always ensure to stay warm and stylist  when heading out. I fell in love with this yellow blouse while shopping last week and I think it's important to add a little bit of color during the autumn season. 

So far, I've had a relaxing day. Sunday's are all about Pj's, treats and movies and I love it! It's the only day I can be lazy! haha.. I've decided to have two post a week and If I'm free I'll do more. Especially with my birthday in two weeks I can't wait to share more..! This year I have decided to stay in Ireland but instead treat myself but I'm still deciding..mm

I've started watching Gossip Girls again and this time round I prefer Blair. I'm heading out after this for dinner with friends just a little catch up, maybe take a picture of my shoot. 


Marlene x


3 Oct 2015


Good morning babes,

Last week I mentioned here that I was getting my hair done. I was so nervous at first because I NEVER got a clozure before and I'm really picky with who does my hair. But I have to say I am now amazed by how it all turned out, what you think? 
I got my hair done by the lovely Addii and we used the Virgin hair with a clozure. The hair was straight when we put it in but when she did those loose curles, I was like OMG I'm living it like that. For girls that live in Ireland please check her instagram here where there's more styles.

Anyways, hope everyone had a fabulous week, I definetely had a stressfull week at work so I am going out tonight. Well not going out to club but instead I'm going to hang out with friends before we head to a boxing match. I know right, boxing match ? ha I'll explain it all later. I'm also getting my nails done, still no idea what to do. So a busy day ahead of me, better get ready do some window shopping for tonight ..

Have a great day, might update later, x

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