24 Dec 2014


Heeeyy!! It has been too long!! But I’m back and what better time to come back than during Christmas holidays! I hope everyone’s all set for Christmas .. Well I’m not, left all my shopping till today and been up early trying to get little bits! Trust me I’ve learned my lesson! But as it’s been a while I thought I’d share what I wore today. Please take into account I was wearing a coat over this but took it off for this post. A couple days ago instead of shopping for people I went ahead and treated myself with this Zara inspired bag by New Look. I paired it with a bit of fur to keep me warm and a bit of color to brighten up the look.
It’s that usual Christmas eve in my house, have family over, munching on a celebration box while watching Vampire Dairies… Yup I’m Obsessed.. Does anyone watch it?/ if So ahhhhhhh Season 5 crazyy!!! haha!

12 Nov 2014


Heyy guys!!! It's been a while a know... but wohoooo I graduated last weekend. It was the most exciting time ever.. although it felt weird as it was a reminder that I have finished college!! nooo haha...
 I will be posting more pictures this weekend but thought I'd say hi :)x


12 Oct 2014


Top from Forever21// Pants from Stradivarius// Ankle boots from Pull & Bear// Jacket from Bershka

It's been a while right!! nearly a month since I've blogged but trust me there's a reason ha! A little update, for some of use that might know I was working in Forever 21 for the summer and in the middle of August I decided I was going to start applying for my dream job... An early years practitioner which I studied for in college.. It's basically working with young children ages 0-6 years. So I went to about 8 interviews and by middle of September I was offered a job. I was so HAPPY!!   I feel all grown up now ha! That's why it was hard picking up my laptop and taking photos..But I've missed blogging and you guys, bare with me I'm still getting use to my job, working out and once that's done I'll pick days where I blog. 

Apart from that life's good, I have a lot coming up, for example my BIRTHDAY!!! and for that I am going to Brussels :) We know what that means... yeahh more traveling photos! Have any of use been to Belguim? What you guys think of my outfit.. I love autumn as it allows me to mess around with colours :)

Have a chill Sunday
Mwah xo


11 Sept 2014

What's in my Bag| Louis Vuitton

Hey Beautiful people, So today I decided to do something different from just posting outfit pictures. I've always wanted to share with you what's in my bag, so here it is! I'm not much of a bag person but I do love this Louis Vuitton bag which was given to me by one of my sister for my 19th birthday! it's beautiful ins't it.. it's so precious to me that I only where it on special occasions. In regards to whats inside this classy black bag I try to keep it small and personal.

I don't know about you but I can't leave my house without my make-up a bit of touch up during the day can't hurt nobody ha! To match the bag, I always carry my LV purse and this again was given to me as a present... just love it! 

I'm not much of a reader as I move from one book to another just because I get bored easily, but recently I have become addicted to The Juliette Society by Sasha Grey. It's a bit like 50 Shades of Gray but more "weird". Sasha Grey takes you inside a private, high-profile, sex society where anything and everything can happen.. I know right... freaky!!! But it's interesting..

My 2014 diary goes everywhere with me, I mean EVERYWHERE!! I'm one of those freaks that write down everything, from to do list, to feelings to anything!! I guess I get it from my dad his like so organised.

Well that's about it, I'm not much of a typing person but at least I tried ha! I hope you liked this post, let me know what you thought about it and if you have the same post let me know I'd love to check it out :)
             Have a good day.


7 Sept 2014

Amsterdam :)

 Hey guys!!
I am finally back from Amsterdam.. As some of use know I flu to Amsterdam the 31st of last month for my friends 21st . I bought my friend both tickets to Amsterdam for her 21st birthday.. ain't she lucky hehe ;) I have to say it was amazing and crazzaayy!!. We were disappointed by the weather when we arrived but later it got hot and hot and hot! hehe I think I got a tan wink (*,*).  It was so hard to take so much pictures especially when we were having so much fun, so below I have shown you my favorites so far.. my friend's thinking of putting all the videos together for her youtube channel so when that's up I'll put the link up here. But for now enjoy the pictures guys.

 Waiting at the hotel for our room keys

 So we found an amazing fashion store with a coffee shop upstairs

 Fashion launch at the coffee shop

 The birthday girl !
 White jeans from Penny's// White cami from New Look// Kimono from Forever 21// Jewelry from Bershka 

I couldn't help my self .. I got my nails done!!! BUBBLE GUM!!

28 Aug 2014

"Ralph Lauren Shirt"

Shirt from Ralph Lauren// Jeans from Penny's// Bag from H&M// Sandals from New Look

Hey Dolls, Yesterday for work, I wore my new Ralph Lauren shirt for a nice casual look and couldn't leave the house with my favorite white sandals from New look... there so comfy!!! I enjoyed my day off with lunch with  friend, bit of window shopping and now I'm getting ready to go see the new movie "Lucy" with friends.. Kinda excited  because the trailer looks so good.. I might take an outfit photo later! Better get ready dollss :! 
mwah xo

LUCY Trailer

27 Aug 2014


Photo take back in June 
White jeans from Penny's// Top from Bershka// Sandals from New Look

Morning Dolls! :)
Just having breakfast and catching up on some Pretty Little Liars OMG ... Mona is dead.... Well No on expected that!!! I start work later today so decided to catch up on some shows, reply to emails and relax abit..so tired after working 6 days in a row! Have two days off before I fly off to Amsterdam so I will take some outfit photos and share some personal post. how about a haul post..about me post..?
Gottaa fly dolls, have a fab tuesday xox


25 Aug 2014


Hey guys!
 Lately, my love for Rihanna has exploded ! Just loving her style. I wonder where she gets her inspiration from! It's one of those rainy morning here in Ireland so I decided show you one of my top 5 outfits! I've had a crazy week working non stop since Wednesday but I can't wait for Saturday as I'm off to AMSTERDAM!!! wohoooooo! :) Better drink that cuppa tea quick as I'm late for work!!!

Have a fab Tuesday


15 Aug 2014


Top from Forever 21// White jeans from Penny's// Bag from H & M// Sandals from New Look

It's Friday yall! :) my week was full of meetings, interviews, work and so on! Now the weekend is here, it's time to relax!. I took few outfit pictures  today but I was in a rush and the picture didn't look good ha! such a fail ha! but I promise I'll share my outfit tomorrow!  Instead I decided to share an outfit a shoot with a friend last month! Like the outfit?

Have a fab Friday


11 Aug 2014

" Street Style"

Top from Penny's// Ripped Jeans from Pull & Bear// Sandals from New Look// Bag from H & M

Morning! For some reason I couldn't sleep so I have been up since 6 am... whats going on I only had 5 hour sleep!! Staring at the ceiling for so long I decided to watch Prison Break.. one word- obsessed! Couple of years ago I found myself watching it some times but decided to watch it from the beginning on Netflix and now I am addicted! I wonder mmm I would I be able to escape a prison? ha!
Anyways, yesterday I felt inspired so  I wore my new ripped jeans I picked up in Pull & Bear last week which was only 12.99 euro. I know right wow! Summer's almost over better make use of ripped jeans. 
What you think of the outfit? You into ripped jeans? if so where do you buy your jeans and how you style it?
Have a nice days, Mwah!


10 Aug 2014

" Style Inspiration"

Heyyy Guys!, So I'm tryna change my style a bit and we all know finding your own style can be hard at times. Above are my inspirations so far, flowy shirts, tomboy, boho.. just can't make up my mind! But I think everyone goes through that stage in their life where you just need something new and I think I am going through that now!.ha! So for now I am still in a hunt or my own style! wish me luck ! 
In relation to my bog I've decided to blog daily, so wish me luck! Apart from that I you got any request comment below.


24 Jul 2014


Top from Forever 21// White jeans from Pennys// Sandals from New

Heyy!!! I picked up this outfit before I went to Mallorca couple of weeks ago but never shared my love for these  summery top and comfy white jeans from Pennys. The weathers been beautiful here in Ireland so why not  go for lunch with couple of friends and also share my outfit of the day! The following photos were taken by my amazing friend Anna who is planning on taking more photos in the future which I'm so excited about! wohooo no more bedroom photos ha! This means my blog post will be more frequent.. She also has an instagam where she shares healthy diet ideas... Follow Anna instagram here
What you think of the outfit?.. Comment below xo
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