29 May 2013

"Let's Get Undressed"

 Top- H&M// High Waisted skirt- H&M// Shoes-Pull&Bear// Bag- Chanel
Have A beautiful day! I am going out :)


24 May 2013


Heyyy!  Happy Friday ! It doesn't feel like Friday, since the exam finished, I am forget what day it is. Today been really busy, meeting with friends and doing some personal shopping . Today it is catch up with my bestie.. shes finally done her exam!!! Just ordering some Four star Pizza and its all movie night:) Hope use are having great friday! Cheers to the weekend :)
I was soo in love with Solange Knowles latest photoshoot! She killing those legs!


21 May 2013

"Summertime Madness"

My summer Is here! Had a busy day trying to pay all the bills, I always live it to the last minute ha!. Also mind a friends dog and caught up wit few people for lunch, Hows your day been ? I was wondering is there anything you guys want to see from me, like make up, fashion.... do let me know :) I will be doing shoots soon for the summer ! time I am the model for once¬ Have a wonderful day xo ox
Todays Outfit
Pants- Primark// Top- Missguided// shoes- New look/'

18 May 2013

18th May 2013

Wow it feels good to know it's the weekend.  :)

I went out last night out with couple of friends, it was nice to be out after a long stressful  week of studying. How has your weekend been?. I am actually going out again tonight with friends from college. The weather has been really weird and depressing but that's normal here. I sit here having a cuppa trying to find out what to wear, I don't know but I am not in the mood to wear a dress so, I was thinking more of a skirt?. I never really wear skirts, I think it's been couple of years since I wore a skirt, I know wow!. Hope use have a fab day and remember to enjoy it :) I better find something quick. Pictures will be up soon. Mwah xo

I found this picture of me in Congo last summer. I miss Congo so bad, Hopefully a visit this Christmas.


16 May 2013


Hello bloggers, I am back!
 The exams are done and to be honest it does not feel like it!. I have been a GEEK! for the past couple of weeks and after that psychology exam I actually felt like going home to study! Ah I know, it's weird¬ But its SUMMER!. I had no time to choose an outfit and with the crappy weather you can't really rock those summer outfits. But I still wore my new Miss Guided Lion top! I mean it's lovely!. What you think? To anyone of use sitting exams, goodluck! More post will be up tonight like I promised! xo

Pants-Mathew Williamson// Top- Miss Guided// Shoes- Pennys// Leather Jacker- Zara// Bag- Awear.


10 May 2013


Dear Followers, I am currently studying for my summer exams hence that's why I haven't put up new outfits. I should be back the 16th of May, Hope all is well.
Picture taken with my bestfriend at my 20th birthday


3 May 2013

" Last Day College- Outfit Of The Day"

Last day of college was so emotional, but I was excited and decided to look my best, So I wore my sandles as the sun came out, which is really unusual for Ireland.
Jeans- Pull and Bear// Sandles- Primark// Belt- Msch// Blazer- Primark// Top- Pull and Bear



So, I never really shop on-line but i was in love with these lovely clothes on missguided.com! The tiger shirt is my favourite as you can see it strikes more ! What you think ? Clothes are available at www.misguided.com :)



My sister went to London and came back with this lovely present of a dress for me ! what do you guys think ? 


"DIT Fashion Show 2013"

Hello Bloggers, Firstly I would like to apologise for not blogging lost but I am currently studying for exams! And my studies always come first.
But as you can see above I wore a beautiful shirt from River Island. I went with my Lovely girls :)
Shirt- River Island// Shoes- New Look// Black skinny jeans- Pull & Bear

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