29 Nov 2015


Dress from Zara// Shoes from OnlineAvenue from Koi Couture 

Happy Sunday lovelies!
Where did the weekend go? It's already Sunday.. I just want it to be Friday again ha.
Last night I attended my work's awards night and I wore my Yellow dress from Zara for the first time. I wanted to wear something bright for the first time.. and I sure was the brightest person of the night ha! I really like this dress as its classy, short but at the same time it's simple. The feedback I got from friends where it really works well with my skin tone.

Just an update.. On Friday I'm going to London for the weekend for an exciting news which I can only confirm when I get back. I can't wait!!!

Chilling watching Gossip Girls and being lazy before a stressful week starts.

28 Nov 2015


Hey babes,  Happy Saturday!
I had such a busy day with a nail appointment in the morning. I get so excited when I get my nails done and this time I went for a simple fire red colour. I might share photos later.
I have a work awards thing tonight so I decided to shop around and during this time I ended up buying few beauty products. I think I have become a makeup junkie! ha..

It's so hard to work out during the week so I try my best to do some cardio work out, so I'm off to the gym for a quick workout before I get ready for tonight. Above is what I'm wearing to the gym. I always buy my clothes in Penny's as its affordable and stylish at the same time.

I will post what I'm wearing later just before I head. xo


25 Nov 2015


Cropped top from Missguided// Shirt from Pennys// High wasted jeans from Missguided

I wanted to drop by and share this outfit. I think it was taken a month ago but I never got the chance to post it. 
Today is my last day off so I ensured I went to the gym to gain some energy for the busy week ahead. 
I have been listening to Ed Sheeran lately and I must say his Album X ' I see Fire' has been an inspiration. With these cold and busy days at work I love to relax with a cuppa tea to calm and relaxing music. Have a listen to it and let me know what you think. I hope I have Ed Sheeran followers x


23 Nov 2015


Fur coat from Zara// High wasted jeans from Missguided// Shoes from Penny's

Hi Babes :)

Hope everyone is good. I want to apologize for not posting.  I have been sick and been off work for couple of days so I wanted to focus on my health. So, Here's a look I wore a couple of weeks ago.This look was inspired by the saying "Oh Baby It's Getting Cold Outside" that's more based on the fur. I have to say I feel so warm when I wear this coat. It's so big on me but it still looks stylish. I don't think I can go another day without my high wasted jeans as it shows off my figure and for some reason it makes my legs look long and toned ha! 

Time to get cosy now girls, I'm thinking of a cup of tea and Gossip girls ;)




15 Nov 2015


Top from River Island// Jeans from Penny's// Sandal heels from Zara

Happy Sundays babes,

I hope Everyone's having a great weekend. It's not done yet so make the most of it. I'm off for lunch with friends. 
I want to take this time also to say don't forget to pray for PARIS ! It's really sad what happened on Friday. All my prayers for to the family and friends in Paris. 



11 Nov 2015


Smashbox Step- By Step Contour Kit// Smashbox Studio Skin Hydration Foundation// Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer// Smashbox camera ready BB Cream eyes// Smashbox Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation.

Hey Babes,
Happy Wednesday, I had such a busy week already I cannot wait for the weekend. Although I have a busy weekend ahead with parties but I know it'll be fun.

Last weekend I went window shopping and I was stopped by a Smashbox makeup artist because she fell in love with my skin. She asked if she could try out some of their newest products such as foundation and contouring kit. I was so flattered and after the try out I couldn't just go home without buying these lovely products. Every time I put makeup on such as MAC or Bobbi Brown I find it makes my skin oily and leaves my skin with break outs but Smashbox felt like I had nothing on me..NATURAL! I couldn't wait to share what I got with you guys. I'm out most of this weekend so I'm going to take pictures of my makeup.

I've had a really busy and tiring day at work so I have a nice cup of tea and movie ready before I head to bed early. Have a nice evening, till next time.


7 Nov 2015



High Knee boots from Missguided// Jumpsuit from Missguided

Heyyy lovelies,

 I had such a busy and tiring week at work so I decided to enjoy myself this weekend. I'm going out for my friends 25th birthday in the city and I am so excited! I thought I'd share my outfit here before I head out for cocktails with the girls and God know's where will end up haha!
My whole outfit is from MISSGUIDED. I fell in love with this look when I was browsing about and I couldn't wait to wear it. I never wear knee high boots or jumpsuits but I've decided to change my look a bit.
This look is so sophisticated and same time classy ini. I hope these boots don't kill my legs by the end of the night ha! What you think of the look, I'd love to know..
I better get started with my make-up before I'm late  haha,  Have a fabulous Saturday lovelies, xo



3 Nov 2015


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Hey dolls,
Guess what! I went to the gym this morning finally` It was so hard though waking up at 6. It was so dark and cold when I was driving and all I could think of was being all cuddled up in my warm bed. But I know it will be worth it in the end.
Back in the summer I kinda hurt my finger so I have left it heal for two whole months which meant no visit to Mango Nail to get my nails done. But Wohoooo its better now and I'm finding myself on Tumblr falling in love with all the latest nail ideas. I still have not decided and I have an appointment Saturday morning. I was thinking a nice wine color for the winter and than I fell in love with Nude and RED!! Any ideas guys ?

I have a free weekend for a change so I am going to be so lazy and watch HomeLand and eat lot's of chocolates..it's that time of the year (Christmas). I have an interesting post here on thursday so check it out.x


1 Nov 2015


Hey babes,

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. My weekend was busy but I had so much fun.
Friday night I went to my friends graduation dinner and we went out to a local event after words. The night included with cocktails and dancing in the dancefloor the whole day ha.. I also couldn't wait to wear my new outfit from Missguided, what you think? want a full outfit?
I shot a couple of outfits today which will be up this week.
Sundays are the best, watching Love and Hiphop Hollywood... WOW addcited !

xo Marlene
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