27 Jun 2013

Holiday: Valencia & Barcelona

For those of use that don't know I went on holiday two weeks ago with my sister and friends. The first destination was Valencia where we stayed at a hostel in the city. The Hostel was so handy that we didn't have to worry about going to town when it was right in front of us. Our first day we spent time sight seeing, where I took pictures of the beautiful architecture and food that surround us. Below I will post some pictures I took and just to note I will not be posting pictures of the people I was with, for personal reason. I never made this blog for posts about holidays but I thought It would be nice to show you pictures I took during my time in Spain. I am not really good with them haha!So hopefully the pictures should describe my love for Spain!. I do hope to visit again this summer before I head back to University for my final year. Enjoy the pictures xo

This was my First outfit when I arrived. At the same time I wanted my outfit to look summery and at the same time feel comfortable. All the clothes worn are from Primark aka Pennys.



Nokhuthula Nyoni said...

Great photos. Looks like you had a lovely time in the sun xx


debdeb said...

Lovely,looks like you had a smashing time,might even head there someday :D Glad you did this post xxxx

Debbie xxx


Marlene Silver said...

aww thanks babe :) just wanna go back! hopefully next summer :) xox

Marlene Silver said...

Yeh had brill time " so much photos, cant put all lol ah thanks you encouraged me to :) xoxo

Unknown said...

Love it! Lucky you!!

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