20 Sept 2013

"Autumn Is Here"

      Top- Springfields// Sandals- Zara// Jeans-Pull & Bear// Bag-Louis Vuitton 

Hey Bloggers,
I want to apologize for the lack of post. I have been so busy going back to university...FINAL YEAR ! This look consists more of fall colours. I was off Uni today so met up with a friend for lunch with a bit of shopping. The weather was beautiful so decided to rock my sandal heels which I bought in Valencia with my amazing Louis Vuitton bag.
I have more looks coming up, so keep a look out :)


maggiepegg said...

Shoes are amazing :) Love the outfit and the LV bag :) So chic. Blogging is difficult during school season, good luck in your last year in uni :) hugs

Alona said...

I adore the bag :) lovely outfit and blog! Good luck on you last year at uni!
followed ^_^
feel free to stop by my blog and follow if you like it!


Deejay Speaks said...

have a great time during your first year at university, and very cute outfit girl!
Deejay Speaks

Marlene Silver said...

Aww thanks darling. Everyone wearing buying them so, said I GOT TO GET HANDS ON THOSE !Yeah its hard but i shall be grand )I'll think of something to blog and study same time :)

Marlene Silver said...

aww thanks ) everyone loves this bag. It was given to me by my mother. She once told me keep this tight and now I know why she said that ! :) eyah just going to stalk through your blog now hehe :)
thanks for the comment xx

Marlene Silver said...

Its actually my final year but thanks :))
thanks i like to look fashionable :)
mwah xo

sandy sandhu said...

Cute. I love the heels

Will you like to follow eachother


Lilli said...

You look nice, the sandals are to die for! Good luck with the uni!:) Kisses!

Marlene Silver said...

Thanks darling :))
yeah sure ) Just did xx

Marlene Silver said...

A lot of people keep saying that ) guess happy got them xx

Jaela said...

Your new follower


Unknown said...

nice outfit !! Followed you hope you will follow back

Marlene Silver said...

Yeah hun :)
I just love your blog :) x
Thanks for following back

Marlene Silver said...

Thanks darling :)
Ofcourse i will follow you :)
Beautiful blog darling xx

mintyessence said...

I'm back at Uni, final year... hard work but best of luck!I am loving those heels :)



Marlene Silver said...

Oh So I guess you know what I'm talking about :0 Thanks Good luck to you too doll xx

Olivia Noel said...

I love your top! xx

Makeup Monster said...

Love the outfit and loving the blog!!


Unknown said...

You look beautiful!
Love you outfit :)

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Eimear O'Reilly Stylist said...

you are so cute! i really like your posts and decided to follow you on gfc and instagram!, would love you to check out my latest post!

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Unknown said...

those shoes are STUNNNING!!!

new follower :)

Marlene Silver said...

Thanks darling ):)

Marlene Silver said...

Thanks ):)
I'm trying my best to blog lots and be more inspiring xo

Marlene Silver said...

Thanks :) Love your blog toooo :):)
omg thanks I will check that out now :)

Marlene Silver said...

aww thanks :)
Guess i try babe :)
Yeah sure il follow your blog now
and by the way I LOVE IT !! XX

Marlene Silver said...

Aww thanks Thats so nice of you :)
yeh just followed you there )
have to I love your blog ;0 just saved it as a favorite to be updated :0 keep it up xxx

Marlene Silver said...

i KNOOOWWW!! i love it too :)
Love your blog. followed ;)

Marlene Silver said...

Ohhh thanks a lot darling ;))
but i should say the same to you :)
it's amazing !
followed straight away!!

Unknown said...

loooove you heels!! Beautiful outfit! Just found your blog, looking forward to more posts!

My Autumn is getting cold really quickly btw :)

Stay in touch Marlene!

Encarna said...

you look great dear! I have the same coral sandals!!!

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