7 Oct 2013

" Be Free. Not Cheap. "

I think I am obsessed with this summer flowery shirt from River Island, I get so much comments when I wear it.

So, What a hectic weekend with a bit of interesting news. I recently joined the gym after months of debating ! Go me !! The best feeling ever is after a nice long workout! I just love working out when I eventually make my way to the gym.. "lazy ass! hehe! I am soo lucky because I have a close friends that's a photographer and Danny's going to help me take some great shots for you guys. So we got couple shoots Saturday  and I hope to have them up by the end of this week..I'm really excited for you guys to see them because his work are amazing ! Also a friend of mine went to America for the summer and came back with a nice Victoria Secret perfume set for me so I should post pictures of them soon.. That's it for now, I am back from dancing so its a hot shower and bed time for me!
Hope you guys have a fab week :)
P.S if there's anything  you want to see more on my blog, Feel free to comment below :)



Unknown said...

nice post !!

Vivid said...

You look so beautiful.. I like your blog so much! : )

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