Monday, 4 November 2013

"Ain't No Sunshine"

Photos taken by Danny Mullen Photography
Sandal Heel- Primark// Skirt- Zara// Top- Bershka// Bag- Louis-Vuitton

Woke up this morning feeling sick!! Sore back, sore leg.. what is going on.. Have a feeling its because I only went to the gym once last week ! But it's back to action tomorrow with my personal trainer ! She got a new program for me which includes 3 times a week !eekk I am so determined ! The outfit above was taken a couple weeks ago, as now I could not stand a couple of minutes wearing that outside!  Oh I did mention I was off to Paris next week ! Been doing some window shopping online.. If you know of any good stores, let me know ! But so far I am so addicted to Miss Guided!!  I told myself I would not travel this year ! but I just cant stop myself.. Its Paris, than Norway with college and than Scotland for Christmas! eekk! :) I better do some reading, even though I am home sick... Let me know what you thought of the outfit below :)Thanks



Jaye Parker said...

Wooo look at you girl! Loving those shoes

Jaye x
The Life of JP

Dinesha Johnson said...

love your shoes, and all your traveling sounds so exciting I could only imagine going all those different places so frequently have fun girl!
Deejay Speaks

houseoftinytee said...

always killing em!

Twanie Nicole said...

I'm loving this look gorgeous! It's so classic, then you get to the feet and it turns SEXY! As for the traveling... EEEKKK! Awesome Sauce, you're totally living my dream right now. Take care & keep rockin it all over the world :-)

Marlene Mboyo said...

Thankss sweetiee ) xxx

Marlene Mboyo said...

Aww thanks darling ;) I always told myself I would travel when i'm in uni :) Your should try it :)

Marlene Mboyo said...

Aww blush ) That's nice of you to say :) xxx

Marlene Mboyo said...

hehe :) Thanks hun :that was my aim actually :) Good to know you like it.. if you have any suggestions i would gladly like to do them :) thanks a lot xx

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