Monday, 4 November 2013

"Ain't No Sunshine"

Photos taken by Danny Mullen Photography
Sandal Heel- Primark// Skirt- Zara// Top- Bershka// Bag- Louis-Vuitton

Woke up this morning feeling sick!! Sore back, sore leg.. what is going on.. Have a feeling its because I only went to the gym once last week ! But it's back to action tomorrow with my personal trainer ! She got a new program for me which includes 3 times a week !eekk I am so determined ! The outfit above was taken a couple weeks ago, as now I could not stand a couple of minutes wearing that outside!  Oh I did mention I was off to Paris next week ! Been doing some window shopping online.. If you know of any good stores, let me know ! But so far I am so addicted to Miss Guided!!  I told myself I would not travel this year ! but I just cant stop myself.. Its Paris, than Norway with college and than Scotland for Christmas! eekk! :) I better do some reading, even though I am home sick... Let me know what you thought of the outfit below :)Thanks

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