15 Feb 2014

Fashion/My Life

Heyyyy Guys!!!!
    I would like to apologize for the lack of post.. It's been hard with final year! But there will be time like this where I just feel like I need me time, which is blogging :). I love expanding my imagination when I style clothes in the morning but it's no fun when I can't share it with my lovely followers, So here's my latest outfits! Though, I haven't went shopping for couple of months now, but I decided a needed a retail therapy with all that's going on! 

It's sad to say I had to stay away from the gym for a week or so because I injured my lower back and the medications weren't working but I feel much better so excited to start back at the gym this week. But I was told to take it easy, so I'm thinking classes like Yoga or a bit of muscle work!

Mwah<3 Time to get ready for catch up with my doll!


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