Thursday, 1 May 2014


Words cannot explain how I feel right now. After repeating my leaving cert back in 2010 to get this course I never thought this day would come...I guess it was worth i ended up getting into Dit to study the course I repeated for. And now I'm here holding my own thesis... After all the lack of sleep... No eating... break down with all the stress and no social life at all..never thought this day would come...wohhhoooooo its finally finished... I sit here and hold my thesis with a smile.. And im not just proud of myself but knowing I can do anything in life if I just believe in myself!! Never give up for what u want.. If u want something.. Then go for it.!!!..never let anyone stop you. lastly..To my family and friends.. Thank you soo have supported me, encouraged me and listened to me moan all the time about college work ha mwah.. Lastly wohoooo 3 years haved passed. finished collage hah;) now say an Amen to that LOL


Eleonora C. said...

Wow! Compliments for this great step!


Marlene Mboyo said...

Aww thank you very much :))) It feels great :))

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