7 Sept 2014

Amsterdam :)

 Hey guys!!
I am finally back from Amsterdam.. As some of use know I flu to Amsterdam the 31st of last month for my friends 21st . I bought my friend both tickets to Amsterdam for her 21st birthday.. ain't she lucky hehe ;) I have to say it was amazing and crazzaayy!!. We were disappointed by the weather when we arrived but later it got hot and hot and hot! hehe I think I got a tan wink (*,*).  It was so hard to take so much pictures especially when we were having so much fun, so below I have shown you my favorites so far.. my friend's thinking of putting all the videos together for her youtube channel so when that's up I'll put the link up here. But for now enjoy the pictures guys.

 Waiting at the hotel for our room keys

 So we found an amazing fashion store with a coffee shop upstairs

 Fashion launch at the coffee shop

 The birthday girl !
 White jeans from Penny's// White cami from New Look// Kimono from Forever 21// Jewelry from Bershka 

I couldn't help my self .. I got my nails done!!! BUBBLE GUM!!


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing, you're so lucky!

Princie said...

hello my dear
I see you've had a good time
very pretty pictures
thank you for your comment on my blog
stay in touch


Jennifer Noir said...

Wow Amsterdam looks amaze ball, defo on my to-fly list! You both look gorgeous!! x

www.JenniferNoir.blogspot.co.uk x

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