24 Dec 2014


Heeeyy!! It has been too long!! But I’m back and what better time to come back than during Christmas holidays! I hope everyone’s all set for Christmas .. Well I’m not, left all my shopping till today and been up early trying to get little bits! Trust me I’ve learned my lesson! But as it’s been a while I thought I’d share what I wore today. Please take into account I was wearing a coat over this but took it off for this post. A couple days ago instead of shopping for people I went ahead and treated myself with this Zara inspired bag by New Look. I paired it with a bit of fur to keep me warm and a bit of color to brighten up the look.
It’s that usual Christmas eve in my house, have family over, munching on a celebration box while watching Vampire Dairies… Yup I’m Obsessed.. Does anyone watch it?/ if So ahhhhhhh Season 5 crazyy!!! haha!

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