19 Dec 2015


I went back to my simple middle part hair style. I needed something simple and nice for the festive season. I literally cannot wait for CHRISTMAS!! 
I have half the family over so I'm looking forward to it especially with two little nephews!

I hope everyone's having a fab weekend. My weekend started last night with dinner with work buddies. 

This morning I woke up really warm, sore throat and really tired after busy week at work so, I decided to go for a morning walk before I started my Saturday. I met up with my doll Kelly from London for dinner and some last minute Christmas shopping and we ended up eating so much and having Starbucks lates ha!

Now I'm relaxing, opening up  early Christmas presents from the children at work. It's a chilled Saturday for me, few chocolate, hot chocolate and going to watch "Perfect Guy" OMG watched half this morning then I had to rush out and I was in love. Below the trailer, do have a look.


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