15 May 2016


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Good morning!

It's Sunday! the only day I get to be lazy and eat crap food. But since I decided to change my lifestyle I decided to try Cute Nutrition this month. I started this morning with a strawberry shake as I replied to blog emails and watched Grey's Anatomy in bed. I'm only on my first week of taking these shakes so I will do a review in a month. I never takes replacement shakes but I was recommended by a friend to take shakes and work out at the same time so decided to give it a try this month and see if I see a positive result.

My weekend so far has been good. Yesterday my sister visited me from Ireland so we went to the London Eye and Sea Life Aquarium and after that I went to see Jungle Book with friends in the evening. Have to say, it's by far the best movie I've watched this year so far.

Going to relax more, catching up on The Originals, Vampire Diaries and Scandal but I might meet my friends for a game of basketball, chill by the sum as today the weather is amazing. Then late in the evening meeting an old friend for food and cocktails :)

Have a fab Sunday* x


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