15 Apr 2019

Shanghai 2

We got lost in the city of Shanghai and found amazing streets and vintage streets. It was like a little maze but  more exciting and fun.I have to say it was full of people so it got a bit tiring but as soon as I got some chinese milk tea I was happy :)
Joanna and I were so happy to explore different allys although it made us a bit scared but that's the whole idea of being adventures.  The afternoon was more interesting for us because we had the opportunity to attend a Roof top party at the Seul&Seul restaurent for their one year opening. Here we met lot of people from Italy and the states. It's always fun to meet knew people, think that's one of the reasons why I enjoy travelling.

After the lovely party we decided to get some food back at our favourite spot Brut Eatery and hit the bed after we visited the Bund. 
 Although, it was a short vacation, it was totally needed and I enjoyed it so much. I decided to make a video too because I believe videos share more experiences then photos. It's my first time videoing since I moved to China so please let me know what you think. :) Enjoy xx

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