11 May 2021

Living in Beijing ( China)

Hey lovelies !!

It has been a while... I could start this blog by explaining why  I hardly post etc. But I am not going to do that! Lets start with a .. How are we doing :) I am finally back to China (Beijing). Last year I returned back to Ireland because of the Virus and 8 months later, I am back. It was really hard, but that is for another day!.  
On that note, I hope everyone is safe and sound. 2020 was a hard time for everyone and were still trying to manage. I send hugs!. 

I have decided to keep this blog more personal and share my adventures in China. This will also be done through my YouTube, where I plan to  record monthly Vlogs.

The above pictures were taken last week during a sunny Saturday in Beijing. I am starting to explore more cafe's and restaurant. It's interesting how you can live in a city for almost three years and still find yourself finding new places.! Do you ever get that! I guess it shows you how exciting Beijing is and I cannot wait to explore what else it has to over. 

Anyways lovelies, I have a day off today and have so much errands to run. I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.  :)

If their is anything you want to see more on my blog ( China, expat life). Do comment below and I will love to share this. :)

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