25 Oct 2021

Where have I been... Life in Beijing ( China)


Hey blogger world, or should I say "hey people I check or update when life has calmed down".
It’s been a while “hey”. So much has changed since I last uploaded a post. 
Where should we start, I moved to a new apartment, I started a new job and oh yeah, I started playing football!
 It’s funny how you write a list of new year resolutions, and you find yourself halfway through the year doing none. Well, that’s for me. I don’t know about you guys! I wish I posted more, started a healthy eating habit, and exercised like crazy! Well, one was accomplished when I joined the women football team in Beijing. I know right, me playing football, who would believe it! 
See the thing is, you can write new year resolutions, but you have no idea what life has planned for you. Therefore, you should just take life as it comes and try your best to tick those amazing things in your bucket list. Yes, I call them now “bucket list” and not new year resolutions because they are an-going goal. They are something I plan to do, now, tomorrow or in the future.
One of the bucket lists I gave myself was explore Beijing. Since I moved into the city, I saw no excuse but to explore everything Beijing has to offer. From the old and the new. The picture above is a time when my friend and I met last month to explore “The hutong”. A culture area in Beijing. We decided to get lost but then it started to rain, and it reminded me of being back in Ireland. Oh, how I miss that 5 season in one day weather.
So, I have lots of pictures to share here. I know I have been so lazy. Keeping up with post on blogs was not something I imagined doing when I started my blog 6 years ago. Instagram is so much easier, you choose an image, you upload and done. Easy as that! However, blogging is different, because I joined the blogging world to share my experience in traveling, fashion, and life. Sometimes sharing that can be hard with a full-time job, social life, and other commitments. However, the second thing on my bucket list is “blog more”. I will continue to do that!
Thank you for reading, have a wonderful Monday. :) 



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