18 May 2013

18th May 2013

Wow it feels good to know it's the weekend.  :)

I went out last night out with couple of friends, it was nice to be out after a long stressful  week of studying. How has your weekend been?. I am actually going out again tonight with friends from college. The weather has been really weird and depressing but that's normal here. I sit here having a cuppa trying to find out what to wear, I don't know but I am not in the mood to wear a dress so, I was thinking more of a skirt?. I never really wear skirts, I think it's been couple of years since I wore a skirt, I know wow!. Hope use have a fab day and remember to enjoy it :) I better find something quick. Pictures will be up soon. Mwah xo

I found this picture of me in Congo last summer. I miss Congo so bad, Hopefully a visit this Christmas.



Nokhuthula Nyoni said...

Love your jeans. Great look:)
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Marlene Silver said...

um no idea where got them but think PULL AND BEAR OR PENNYS.

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