Thursday, 16 May 2013


Hello bloggers, I am back!
 The exams are done and to be honest it does not feel like it!. I have been a GEEK! for the past couple of weeks and after that psychology exam I actually felt like going home to study! Ah I know, it's weird¬ But its SUMMER!. I had no time to choose an outfit and with the crappy weather you can't really rock those summer outfits. But I still wore my new Miss Guided Lion top! I mean it's lovely!. What you think? To anyone of use sitting exams, goodluck! More post will be up tonight like I promised! xo

Pants-Mathew Williamson// Top- Miss Guided// Shoes- Pennys// Leather Jacker- Zara// Bag- Awear.



Ak Yasmine said...

you look great :)

Monalisa said...

Lucky, I'll be done with exams in June :(

I miss blogging lol I love the top from Miss Guided!! x

Demmy said...

Ooh good you're done with your exams, more posts yay! Love your jacket and flats. xx

Sade said...

I love your tee! :)


Marlene Mboyo said...

thanks doll you too ;):)

Marlene Mboyo said...

aww Hope they went well :)
check it out, its still there :) recently got it for the sis xo

Marlene Mboyo said...

Thanks Sade :)
Love your blog xx

Marlene Mboyo said...

Aww Demmy that is so sweet of you to say :):) appreciate it :) xx
promise more post this summer and from now on :)
thanks for following xx said...

Lovely i need dat jacket.

Lani Maverick said...

Nice outfit! Love your T- shirt! :-)

Serena Reale said...

beautifull this look :)

Andrea jueong said...

Congratulations on the exam.Love your outfit! Visit my blog when you find some time.

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