3 Dec 2013

" Best- Friends "


        Heyy ! I know I never really share pictures of people in my life, but here's my best friend Sharon aka Sha! I wouldn't even consider her as a friend, she's like a sister !:) I don't know what I would do without her. Though shes only couple of months younger than me I look up to her as a big sister because shes an inspiration and I learn a lot from her!. If your reading this Sha mwah bestie :)
As to updates... I am finally going back to the Gym tomorrow after travelling/ lot of university work.. Sadly I have been sick and now I understand that my body needs to hit the gym to be healthy again! Are you guys in the gym... What are your Fitness tips.. I'd love to hear it :) xo


Charnai Bennett said...

that's so sweet about your Sharon:') hope the gym goes well and your body starts to recover!

Unknown said...

Thanks,dear!)Follow back)

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