Sunday, 15 December 2013

Janelle Monáe

My new style crush :) Have a look at her latest videos :) She's amazing right..?



Shannon Boyce said...

Love her! She has such daring and bold style.

BlueVoiletHearts said...

ahh she is perfect, I love her style so much and her song with miguel is so beautiful!


The Indie said...

Yesss! I love this woman and her androgyny in terms of style. And QUEEN is my video/song. One of the best female anthems there ever was imo :)

Jessica Allen said...

I'm loving her new song prime time that is my song!

Jess x

Karolina Havlíková said...

I found your blog now and I like it:-). Would you like to followe each other via GFC? Let me know on my blog:-)

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