12 Jan 2014

Introduction - Venessa Cornells

Hiiiiii *widest grin ever*. I'm Venessa , nice to meet you :) I am so excited I don't even know how to put my words into perfect sentence. Yeah!... I'm the BIG surprise Marlene mentioned in her last post *still grinning uncontrollably*. I may quickly get you guys into the gist of things, about a month ago Marlene told me she wanted to try something new on her blog, she asked me if I would to do a post monthly or if I was confident enough , I could do a post weekly simply cause she liked my style and she wanted to showcase a different side of fashion and if I was interested. So being my enthusiastic self, I was quick to jump on the idea and here I am :). I've never done anything like this before so I'm really excited!! :)

I'm just going to introduce myself a bit more, I'm Venessa (said that in my first paragragh) :), I'm 20 (almost wrote 19 there cause I keep forgetting I'm 20 -_- huh..) . Journalism and Media Studies Student :). I love Fashion, Music, Travelling and there was a time I loved Sports but my sporting days are loooong gone. When it comes to my style, I try to infuse all those things that I like into it and also you can get a feel of the kind of person I am from what I wear and that's really important to me. I really cannot wait to show you guys what I wear and I really hope you like how put my outfits together :).

Oh and if you if guys could interact with me, I would love that. I'm always up for answering questions. So if you do have any questions about what I wear, who inspires me etc ..please do ask me :)

Love ya but I've got to leave ya
talk to you guys soon,
Venessa xox



Jaela said...

Cute outfit.

esplendidavida@gmail.com said...

A good post!, You want us to follow?. Please let me know on my blog:
I hope kisses.

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