28 Jan 2014

Something Different: My week so far.

I usually never do week post, but thought's I'd do something different. 
My week has been so busy especially because I am back to university! 
It actually fee's feel weird because I ONLY HAVE 3 MONTHS LEFT!! crazy right?
I had to say goodbye to my long braids this weekend:( Back to my natural bob hair ! Want to see a picture?.. comment below dolls:)
For those that don't know, I joined the gym since last October but because of all the travelling & college work it was hard to stick to it. I have decided for 2014 to really stick to the gym & eating healthy as I noticed when I stuck to it for 4 months, I felt healthy and never got sick at all! I went to the gym with my bestie last weekend so decided to share with you what my workout includes. If you want any tips, Do ask below:)
Eating clean has been a most in my list this year.. I try my best to order freshly food when I'm out but at home I always add vegetables in my dinner. A lot of my friends ask why have I out of a sudden decided to change my whole routine. To be honest, I just felt like I needed change and be healthy. I wouldn't say I eat junk food but I just grew up with a mother that was so healthy so, I have decided to follow her steps.
You all know I'm all about fashion, that's what this blogs all about. Recently I have not been really inspired until Kourtney K. posted this in her instagram. It just inspired me again that I have stalked her instagram for days! I believe fashion, styling is important for a women as it can change someone during the process.
Lately, I have been into quotes and inspiring words.This quotes has got me thinking that there are lot's of people out their people out their that don't have everything but there's still happy. Meaning another reason people think would make them happy is close, money but money for sure cannot mke you happy. I am starting to look at life differently and ways to live my life.It's funny because every morning before I start my day, I ensure that I read a quote to help me through the day! For my inspiring quotes check my instagram @marlenesilver. One of my favourite quote this week is "Dream big. Work hard. Stay humble"

PS. In my last post, I asked all my followers to ask me anything: fashion tips, advice, Qs about me.. etc. I would appreciate it if you'd ask under this post or here and I'll make a new post with all the answers.

Thanks Beautiful People.
Have a fab week.
Marlene S.



maggiepegg said...

Oh I envy you right now :) I just can`t do the gym thing, i get so bored but I really want to. You have an amazing body.Well i guess well say a congrat ahead of soon finishing Uni :) Lucky you

Unknown said...

That's so clever putting that hi-lo dress backwards ! I might give it a try ! I also have started going to the gym and at first it was hard but now that I'm in my third week it feels really good so keep at it !!

Fashionoatmeal.blogspot.com :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, I love the Kardashians, this pic is gorge. Great quote too x


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