26 Sept 2015


Ripped Jeans from Missguided// Coat from Penny's/ Heels from Penny's// Top from Zara

Good Morning babes,

Happy weekeend, hope everyone had a great week. Well if it was bad,  let's forget about it, it's the weekend now :) Let's have fun, I mean that's why their there for , basically for us to work hard during the week and go crazy for two days before the hard work starts again ha! 

Anyways, I'm up early this morning, no idea why especially the way I was up all night catching up on Greys Anatomy and Scandal! Yeah there back! I had two box of pizza's and red wine with the girls. 
When I got home I was amazed by what I found on Instagram, I found a new blogger from Ireland that has inspired me to blog this morning and to start sharing my love for fashion again. Love Lauren is an Irish Blogger check her here you will be inspired I tell you!. For the past months I've lost the motivation to blog and became more into Instagram. I think it was more about finding a photographer to take pictures of my outfit or finding time! But after reading her blog I was so inspired to get back to blogging. I think my problem was I was trying to make the blog look so professional that I forgot that the only reason I started my blog was to share my love for fashion but at the same time make it like my diary. I have a shoots every Sunday and some other days, I have never worked with him so I'm a bit nervous but I'm sure I'll be fine ha! If you want to follow me around check out my snapchat @marlenesilver. 

Elsewhere, my day is busy today because I'm finally getting my hair done after having it short since June-( I really can't wait to show you guys :). But I'm going to try to go on a spinning class before I get my hair done..I have been going to the gym since I came back from Congo, My fitness and healthy routine will be up soon. Well better get out of this bed and get ready, I hope use have a great Saturday, I have a post coming up later,


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