29 Sept 2015


Angelica Blick- Here
Hey dolls,

Over the year's I've liked Angelica Blick's style. There are times I use to stalk her blog every day.. But latel'y I find myself inspired by her style. She has motivated me to start blogging more and taking moe pictures outside. There's something about her style, it's for everyone and not just for one person. She can be a college girl one morning, than a personal shopper, a celeb one day and than a business women the next. How Angelica styles her look encourages girls out their to embrace their style more.. her clothes don't look expensive but instead casual and simple. I message to say that you don't need to be rich and have fancy clothes to look stylish. I don't know if you guys know her but check out her blog here, You will be amazed!

 Over the weekend, I was busy shooting Aumtumn styles and I can't wait to share it with you all :) It's coming soon, take a look out for my winter skin care routine tomorrow. 

But for now, Good night 


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