3 Oct 2015


Good morning babes,

Last week I mentioned here that I was getting my hair done. I was so nervous at first because I NEVER got a clozure before and I'm really picky with who does my hair. But I have to say I am now amazed by how it all turned out, what you think? 
I got my hair done by the lovely Addii and we used the Virgin hair with a clozure. The hair was straight when we put it in but when she did those loose curles, I was like OMG I'm living it like that. For girls that live in Ireland please check her instagram here where there's more styles.

Anyways, hope everyone had a fabulous week, I definetely had a stressfull week at work so I am going out tonight. Well not going out to club but instead I'm going to hang out with friends before we head to a boxing match. I know right, boxing match ? ha I'll explain it all later. I'm also getting my nails done, still no idea what to do. So a busy day ahead of me, better get ready do some window shopping for tonight ..

Have a great day, might update later, x


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