4 Oct 2015


Ripped jeans from Missguided// Blouse from Penny's// Shoes from Penny's// Bag from Newlook// Cardigan from River Island.
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Good Afternoon babes, 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Last week I mentioned I found an amazing photographer to help me shoot outfits for my blog thanks to my amazing friend Maggie. I was so excited, It was like I was going to an event and the more we shot the more I wanted to show you guys! 

I love this outfit, I could not believe I put it together. With the weather changing I always ensure to stay warm and stylist  when heading out. I fell in love with this yellow blouse while shopping last week and I think it's important to add a little bit of color during the autumn season. 

So far, I've had a relaxing day. Sunday's are all about Pj's, treats and movies and I love it! It's the only day I can be lazy! haha.. I've decided to have two post a week and If I'm free I'll do more. Especially with my birthday in two weeks I can't wait to share more..! This year I have decided to stay in Ireland but instead treat myself but I'm still deciding..mm

I've started watching Gossip Girls again and this time round I prefer Blair. I'm heading out after this for dinner with friends just a little catch up, maybe take a picture of my shoot. 


Marlene x


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