7 Nov 2015



High Knee boots from Missguided// Jumpsuit from Missguided

Heyyy lovelies,

 I had such a busy and tiring week at work so I decided to enjoy myself this weekend. I'm going out for my friends 25th birthday in the city and I am so excited! I thought I'd share my outfit here before I head out for cocktails with the girls and God know's where will end up haha!
My whole outfit is from MISSGUIDED. I fell in love with this look when I was browsing about and I couldn't wait to wear it. I never wear knee high boots or jumpsuits but I've decided to change my look a bit.
This look is so sophisticated and same time classy ini. I hope these boots don't kill my legs by the end of the night ha! What you think of the look, I'd love to know..
I better get started with my make-up before I'm late  haha,  Have a fabulous Saturday lovelies, xo



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