3 Nov 2015


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Hey dolls,
Guess what! I went to the gym this morning finally` It was so hard though waking up at 6. It was so dark and cold when I was driving and all I could think of was being all cuddled up in my warm bed. But I know it will be worth it in the end.
Back in the summer I kinda hurt my finger so I have left it heal for two whole months which meant no visit to Mango Nail to get my nails done. But Wohoooo its better now and I'm finding myself on Tumblr falling in love with all the latest nail ideas. I still have not decided and I have an appointment Saturday morning. I was thinking a nice wine color for the winter and than I fell in love with Nude and RED!! Any ideas guys ?

I have a free weekend for a change so I am going to be so lazy and watch HomeLand and eat lot's of chocolates..it's that time of the year (Christmas). I have an interesting post here on thursday so check it out.x


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