9 Apr 2020

Looking back at 2019- IM BACK BLOGGING!

Hey lovely lots, It’s been a while right…Ever find yourself saying the samethe thing every time… Well, that’s me. I always find myself posting “I’m back” once a year in my blog. I mean why did I join blogging if I can’t keep up to it and be consistent with my post haha! But then I remember the reason I started blogging was to share my thoughts, experience, and ideas when I’m ready. This blog was created to be more of a diary for me and of course, I’m happy to share it with others. I have so many times in my hands with what’s happening around the world since January (COVI-19). Before I move on, I would like to highlight that, whoever you may be in the world, I hope your safe and sound. So, I decided I will share a few pictures of what happened since I last posted (May 2019) when things were all filled with happiness which now seems to be a dream and hope…

Let’s start off with Bali... I finally decided to go to Bali after a stressful summer of changing jobs and visa transfers. I still cannot believe it but that was my second solo travel in 2019 ( Hongkong was my first). I only had 5 days to explore this paradise but I ensured to make the most of it by visiting Ubud and the most amazing surfing area ‘CANGUU’. Of course, I made lots of friends from different parts of the world like Belgium, Spain, and Holand. It was the highlight of 2019. I will do another post just focusing on BALI soon. 

Shanghai became my second best city in China, so I decided to visit it more with a few friends from work. Here I was lucky enough to meet two Australian girls. I have to say one of the girls really inspired me about going to Australia. 

Then there was my birthday. Wow I remember my first year in China where I spend my birthday watching friends with a big fat chocolate cake alone haha! But this year after exploring china and meeting beautiful and spas. I mean how did I manage to make so many friends in just two months. .My birthday weekend was filled with going out, dinners and making beautiful memories with beautiful people.

After a year in China I finally got up my lazy bum and went to see the GREAT WALL. I mean guys it definitely is a GREAT WALL!!. When I arrived I was shocked by the architecture, the design and how long it was of a hike. I was proud of myself though because my friend and I had to get up like 7 am to explore this beautiful and one of Chinese most visited attractions.
After almost twenty years I went back to Congo for the first time at Christmas. Which was a little emotional for me I won't lie? But it was nice to spent time with my family and friends. Congo post and vlog will also be coming up soon. Basically my 2019 was filled with travels, meeting new friends and extend those original relationships. 

I will note that I started 2020 with another vacation, where I visited my dream country ‘Australia’. I went to Sydney and Whitsunday in January. That was a great way to start a new year. I will share that experience soon. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and staying home safe during this epidemic. My love goes to all my followers and people around the world that are affected by this. One thing I will end with is ‘ we can do this, stay safe’. Till next time. x



the creation of beauty is art. said...

Always great to see a post from you! I think blogging is about sharing and self expression. Whether you are able to do that every few days or months...it doesn't matter. Just do what you can! I loved seeing all of your gorgeous photos. It looks like you made a lot of wonderful memories.
the creation of beauty is art.

Experience Invest Reviews said...

You look so glowing on your posts!

Sara Bronfman said...

How do you always come up with such amazing outfits?

rob clegg said...

I love your blog!

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